UTeach Career Day

In collaboration with the UTeach Alumni Association and USEA Professional Development Working Group, USLA hosted its first-ever UTeach Career Day on May 21, 2022, bringing together UTeach pre-service teachers and alumni. The virtual event included an Induction Track for current students and recent graduates, and a Leadership Track for older alumni with more teaching experience.

Panel Topics and Panelists in 2022

Induction Track

Panelist: Andy Salinas, teachHOUSTON

Panelist: Geovanelly Torres, UTRGV UTeach

Panelist: Javontae Smith, UTeach Columbus

Moderator: Liliana Cruz, teachHOUSTON

Coaching & Club Sponsoring

Panelist: Lacey Simpson, FIU UTeach

Panelist: David Le, UTeach Dallas

Panelist: Stephen Burke, MSUTeach

Moderator: Madeline Lee, CalTeach

Leadership Track

Teaching and Attending Graduate School

Panelist: Meghan DiBacco, teachHOUSTON

Panelist: Preston Dozier, UTeach Dallas

Panelist: Diana Pineda, FIU UTeach

Moderator: Madeline Lee, CalTeach

Becoming a Team Lead or Curriculum Coach

Panelist: Rebecca Love, teachHOUSTON

Panelist: Benjamin Duong, UT Austin

Panelist: Ramiro Gonzalez, UTeach Dallas

Moderator: Fernanda Marrero Hi, teachHOUSTON