All pre-service teachers enrolled in UTeach programs can sign up to be a USLA member or apply to be an ambassador or officer at no cost. Memberships do not need to be renewed and expire once the student has graduated from their UTeach program. Interested students can get involved by submitting the USLA Involvement Form below.

Network with Other UTeach Students

Connect with and meet other UTeach pre-service teachers with similar coursework, passions, and aspirations

Access Member-Exclusive Events

Attend virtual and in-person events like socials, professional development workshops, guest speaker events, and regional & conference meetups

Join a Community Dedicated to DEI

Participate in meaningful conversations and initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education and society

Gain Leadership Experience

Become a USLA officer, serve as an Ambassador, chair a committee, and more

Our Bylaws

USLA Bylaws

New Member Welcome Packet

Are you a new member? Read the USLA New-Member Welcome Packet to learn about your next steps.