Student Organizations

In alignment with the UTeach Elements of Success, USLA strongly advocates for the expansion of student organizations so there is one at every UTeach program. 

The Problem

Most UTeach programs do not have an affiliated student organization at their campus. 

Why It Matters

Student organizations allow for community-building among its members, and UTeach programs with thriving student organizations demonstrate a positive and supportive community for students. An environment like this can foster a sense of belonging for students and, in return, can increase involvement and long-term success in the program.

Our Solution

To make the process simple, USLA wants to partner with current UTeach students and/or master teachers to launch their own student organization. Our team of experienced student leaders can assist you through the application process established by your university, provide templates of bylaws/constitutions, and serve as a resource as you begin the journey of creating a UTeach student organization.

Please email us at if you are ready to start a UTeach student organization at your campus. We would be thrilled to join you on this exciting journey!

Active UTeach Student Organizations

The following UTeach student organizations are currently active in their respective program and are included in the USLA network. If your student organization is active and is not listed below, please email us at with your student organization name, logo, website link, email, UTeach program, and university.

CalTeach Advisory Board 

Program: UCI Cal Teach

University: UC Irvine


Program: MSUTeach

University: Morehead State

GeauxTeach Student Organization  

Program: GeauxTeach

University: Louisiana State

DragonsTeach Student Organization  

Program: DragonsTeach

University: Drexel University

teachHOUSTON Student Society  

Program: teachHOUSTON

University: U of Houston

Talon Teach Student Organization 

Program: Teach North Texas

University: Teach North Texas

Mavmeticians & Mav Scientists Teach (M&Ms)  

Program: UTeach Arlington

University: UT Arlington

Math and Science Teachers of Tomorrow (MASTT)   

Program: UTeach Austin

University: UT Austin

UTeach Student Organization Student Society  

Program: UTRGV UTeach

University: UT Rio Grande Valley

Inactive UTeach Student Organizations

The following UTeach student organizations have been identified as inactive*, though they were fully operational at some point. If you are a student of one of these UTeach programs, we highly encourage you to take initiative and restart your program's student organization. You can start by reaching out to your master teachers or program alumni/former officers to show your interest in bringing back the student organization. Additionally, USLA is here to support you as you bring your student organization back to life. Reach out to us at for guidance and ensure your student organization is listed in the active section above once it is up and running again.

If you feel your student organization should not be listed in the inactive section, please email us at with your student organization name, logo, website link, email, UTeach program, and university. 

*Student organizations were categorized as inactive if their website and social media had no activity for several years. Efforts were made to contact the student organization through social media and email, but USLA did not receive a response. Their respective UTeach program was also contacted to determine if the student organization was active or inactive. If it was confirmed that the student organization was inactive, or if we did not hear back at all, the student organization was added to the inactive list.

FAMAS - Future Alabama Math & Science Teachers

Program: UABTeach

University: UA Birmingham

UATeach Student Organization

Program: STEM Edudcation

University: UA Fayetteville

CU Teach Student Organization

Program: CUTeach

University: UC Boulder

WeTeach Columbus

Program: UTeach Columbus

University: Columbus State 


Program: FIUTeach

University: Florida International

FETCH (Future Educators Teaching Children with Hands-on Methods)

Program: UTeachTech

University: Louisiana Tech 

OSU Teach Club

Program: OSUTeach

University: Oklahoma State University

MTeach Student Society

Program: MTeach

University: Middle TN State University

STEM Education Student Organization

Program: UTC STEM Education

University: UT Chattanooga


Program: UTeach Dallas

University: UT Dallas

Monarch Teach Student Organization

Program: MonarchTeach

University: Old Dominion University

WVUteach Club

Program: WVUteach

University: WV University